Holes Cruise Past Bliz in HB 36, 116-89


In a game that was never in doubt the Adirondack Holes won their third EHFL crown with a resounding victory over the Boulder Blizzard in Hughes Bowl 37. Packer Jordy Nelson scored a team high 31 as Championship Week opened on Christmas Eve.

The Holes received major contributions from Nelson’s co-stars including Tom Brady (22 points), Odell Beckham (20) and kicker Justin Tucker (15). Even season-long disappointment Todd Gurley chipped in with a 17 point contribution.

After a season opening loss to the Giants the Holes gathered momentum and steamrolled thru the league. The went 13-1 from that opening stumble to their 2106 flag capture on Monday.

The win takes the sting out of last season’s HB loss to the Settlers and came easier than the club’s previous championship effort, an 89-80 win over the Bliz in 2011. Congrats to Jimmy O for the win and to Paz for his continued strong run in our league. This was his 3rd Hughes Bowl appearance in the last four seasons and fourth in the last six.

I’ll have more on the game in the coming days and more info on the NFL Playoff league. The prize for winning that will involve a nice perk for the 2017 season. Stay tuned.

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Ho Ho Ho!!


It’s Eddie returning for what is a randomly annual tradition…wishing all the Hughes owners a Murray Christmas!

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Hughes Bowl 36…I’ve seen this film before


UPDATE: Thursday Night

Odell Beckham gives the Holes a solid 20 point lead out of the gate. All the rest of the players in Jimmy’s Lineup are playing Saturday except his kicker who plays on Sunday. Paz has a mix of Saturday/Sunday starters and has Dez Bryant as a Monday Night hole card.

It’s another Hughes Bowl…or is it? In 2011 the Holes and Blizzard met in Hughes Bowl 31 and five years later we have a rematch!  The Holes won that game 88-80 behind Drew Brees and Victor Cruz. In five days or so we will find out if Paz can extract his revenge.

There are some interesting parallels between that 2011 game and this one. In both years:

  • The Holes were the EHFL’s leading points team and #1 seed.
  • Drew Brees will suit up (presumably), this time for the Bliz.
  • The Holes had the league’s best record (11-2).
  • The Blizzard tied the Strawmenn for their division and gained the #3 seed on a tiebreak and beat the Bombers in the Semi Finals.

Random Facts:

The Holes are appearing in their second straight Hughes Bowl having lost last year to the Settlers…this is their seventh HB game overall…they are trying for their third win…their last win was that 2011 game….Jimmy O has an 18-11 record in 14 post season appearances… his .620 pct. in those 29 games is best among all teams with more than one appearance…Jimmy spent the least of all teams on Free Agents this season.

The Blizzard are appearing in their eighth Hughes Bowl and are looking to even their 3-4 record….this marks their fourth appearance in the last six Hughes Bowls….the Bliz also were involved in the last ‘Rematch Bowl’ as the faced the Bombers in back-to-back HBs in 2013-14…their last win came when they defeated the Bombers two seasons back in HB34… this is Paz’ 16 EHFL postseason and he has a 15-12 record overall  for a .555 pct….Paz likes to ‘space-out’ his titles as he won in 1985, 1998 and 2014….Paz spent the second least of all teams on Free Agents this season.

The Bliz will likely start Dez Bryant which means the Hughes Bowl will extend into Monday night. On Tuesday we will have a new champ! Good luck to both great owners…and thanks for allowing me to skip making a new Hughes Bowl preview logo!



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Zazzle gets ‘religion’…and pisses me off

For years I’ve used the online site ‘Zazzle’ to create the awards and other junk I make for myself and for the league champs. You may have received a mug or clock or some other item with the league’s shield on it in the past. For example here is a mug I ordered a few years ago.


Zazzle usually does quality work inexpensively and I pay a yearly fee to get free shipping on all my orders.A couple of weeks back I thought I’d order a dozen or so keychains and send them out to the owners just for the hell of it. I created the item using our league shield and promptly received a notice that the order had been canceled:

This product contains a design with an image and/or text that is in violation of an individual’s rights of celebrity/publicity. Zazzle is note[sic] currently licensed to offer merchandise for this individual and/or group. If you are interested in purchasing officially licensed merchandise at Zazzle, please visit: http://www.zazzle.com/brands

In other words I don’t have permission to use Ed Hughes’ name. But I can use Zazzle to buy “officially licensed” Ed Hughes merchandise. I’d like to see that stuff. And they can’t even bother to check their own boilerplate bullshit for grammar errors while being dicks.

I checked with Dean, our graphics guy, and had him whip up what I hope is an acceptable replacement shield/logo:


I’m going to give it a shot at Zazzle. Hopefully it’ll fly.

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Settlers Win Hughes Bowl 2015!




Brooks Andrews’ San Marcos Settlers have won the 2015 Hughes Bowl over the favored Adirondack Holes 133-104. Inspired by what they perceived as a lack of respect (from draft day to title game build-up), the Settlers rode two bottom dollar waiver acquisitions to their first championship.

cousins)The newly crowned kings of the EHFL got off to a big start on Saturday night with Kirk Cousin’s ($16) 35 point performance and sealed the win via a 30 point game from Allen Hurns ($10) on Sunday. The Jag receiver’s total served to offset a big 32 point game from Julio Jones of the Holes.hurns

In addition Brooks had solid efforts from Jarvis Landry, Rob Gronkowski and Devonte “You Know He’s Not Their Starter” Freeman. Rashaad Jennings’ 14 point night on Sunday was just padding on the already decided contest.

There is no way to predict what difference an active Odell Beckham would have made for the Holes. But the 29 point margin of the San Marcos win makes it unlikely that even with Beckham, who averaged 22.5 points per start, Jimmy O’s club would have had enough.

As noted earlier this marks Brooks’ first title. 2015 was his first season as solo owner and his fourth overall. The last time we had a ‘first time winner’ was 2009 when Tom McLean went all the way with his S’Rats.


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The Hughes Bowl 2015!!


Holes ‘Glide’ in while Settlers ‘Slide’ In

Our two 2015 Semi Final games could not have been more different. In one the Holes continued their bludgeoning ways with a 123-78 win over the Sticks. The Holes’ lead was insurmountable going into Monday night and even Golden Tate’s 22 point effort for Keith barely caused a ripple. The Holes had 20+ points from four players, 19 from another and the two slackers, Jason Tucker and Lamar Miller, weren’t able to drag Jimmy’s club down enough to allow the Sticks to make it close.

On the other side the Settlers had to sweat out a Sunday night game that looked like a Larry Fitzgerald-led lock for the S’menn. Brooks held a slim eight point lead going into the Cardinals-Eagles game Sunday night. Fitz had only scored less than nine once this season and when he had seven at halftime things looked bleak for the San Marcos crew. With Matt Stafford very likely to put the tie break in Padilla’s pocket (he did) it came down to the fact that Fitzgerald needed only one catch (ONE CATCH!!) that didn’t result in anything worse than a four yard loss to propel the S’menn to the Hughes Bowl.

And yet, even against the terrible Eagles secondary Carson Palmer failed to hit Fitz, and in fact he barely looked his way in the entire second half. He targeting him twice with one drawing a pass interference call. I didn’t see the play but I wonder if the Eagles player’s interference actually prevented an easy catch, one that would have changed the course of the Hughes League season. We’ll never know. Final score..Settlers 111 Strawmenn 110.

So now it’s on to the 2015 Hughes Bowl. Jimmy looks to win his third crown. He last took it four years ago in 2011. Brooks will be piloting his first Hughes Bowl club. It’ll be interesting to see if Odell Beckham can win his appeal of that one game suspension and be eligible for the Holes this weekend. My gut instinct says, based on the way the Holes are playing, it may not matter.




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Heading On


And on we go!! The Sticks and Settlers advanced through the Wild Card round and that sets up a couple of interesting Semi Final games.

Sticks 106, Nationals 105

The Sticks came up with 10 points out of Danny Amendola on Sunday night to just edge out the Nationals. The game is close enough that I will have to keep an eye on the final and official stats that get posted Thursday morning. It would be unusual but possible that the score could swing by a point once the NFL releases the adjustments. It’s happened before.

But baring that the Sticks will take on the top seeded Holes in a fight to land a spot in Hughes Bowl 35.

Settlers 103, Flyers 96

San Marcos lapped the Flyers on Monday night as Jarvis Landry outscored Josh Brown to overcome a six point Flyer lead. The #2 seeded Strawmenn await.


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