Minor Details

Just a couple points of order this week.

#1 Had an issue with a team trying to drop a player they had placed on IR. As far as I know there shouldn’t be an issue with that sort of transaction. There is no rule against it and I don’t see any reason to disallow dropping IR’d guys.

The only thing I can see that might have caused it is that we have a minimum IR stay which was set to 30 days. I don’t know for sure but that might have ‘locked’ a guy to the roster for that long. I went ahead and changed that to 1 day.

If you run into a situation where you have a player on IR and another player becomes eligible for that slot you should be able to drop the first guy and then IR the second one if you wish. Let me know if you have any issues in a case like that.

#2 I continue to fiddle around with the modules on the home page.  I get anal about one column being much longer than the other, etc. If you miss something that I drop or move to an ‘inside’ page let me know. And finally in a related note…

#3 The good folks who spend so much of their own time coming up with custom MFL ‘hacks’ (they are responsible for much of what is on our site) have developed a ‘mobile-friendly’ template which in theory would streamline everything for more functionality on phones, tablets, etc. I played with it but all I did was mess up the page so I’ve abandoned it for now. If you do league stuff on the run I suggest using the MFL Platinum app which is available for iPhones and (I think) Android phones as well.

Good luck in Weeks 3 and Go Flyers!

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I’ve been a lousy commish!


I’ve had a few issues with the league pop up recently. I’m going to try to rectify them and do a better job of communicating things from here on out. I have no excuses other than I’ve let other projects get in the way of maintaining the Hughes League and the webpage.

First things first….the page itself. In the off season I usually remove modules that don’t have an relevance since there are no games. This year I spent all my time early in the summer tweaking the appearance and then later I messed with the waiver settings until I was sick of it. That’s why it ended up being a simple two stage waiver process this year.

But doing that I forgot to bring the in-season modules back. They are there now. The recent results, team schedule and team roster modules have been brought back. I’ll also try to keep the notifications pop-up current or do away with it altogether. If you can suggest anything you’d like on the home page let me know.

The ‘Owners Desk’ module can be handy if you choose to use it. It groups a bunch of the modules into a small space. Check it out. Another tip: It’s easy to overlook the fact that the standing module has options for viewing any division as well as the full league.


Probably more importantly I have not communicated the whole Injured Reserve process well enough. Like the waiver set-up the IR deal was convoluted and caused me headaches to police. Allowing players listed as ‘Out’ to be IR’d was a pain for multiple reasons (pun intended). Players were being activated by their NFL teams before they met our minimum IR stay, etc. The change was actually made last year to allow only NFL players placed on their IR list to be designated as such in our league.

We have a limit of one IR spot and once that player is activated (removed from NFL IR) the player must be activated (or cut) from your roster as well. You will not be able to submit a lineup until you’ve dealt with the player removed from NFL IR. Suspended players are not allowed in the league IR spot.

And lastly I have not added back the League Links module because I failed to find a good way to display the spreadsheets, etc. Unfortunately that left the Rules page in limbo. That left some people in the dark and that’s on me. I will fix that ASAP one way or another.

EDIT: The rules are now once again available thru our website. To view them go to Reports->Rules->League Settings and scroll all the way down to the bottom. I’d rather they were at the top of that page but there is no way to adjust that. I’m going to continue to review them for errors.

Other stuff…It’s been suggested that we allow a compensatory pick in the event a ‘keeper’ player suffers a season ending injury between the keeper deadline and the draft. It’s an idea worth exploring although I can’t remember it occurring other than this season with Ware of the Chiefs/Bombers. I can see two issues right away. We’d have to be sure the injury was season ending and what would be fair ‘compensation’ for the lost player. Given the limitations of the MFL system I cannot simply add in an extra pick to a round. I might be able to pause the draft at a given time and assign a ‘pick’ via waivers. I’m not really sure about that.

We’d also have to deal with the question of what becomes of the injured player. Lots of options there (IR for the year, mandate that he be released by the team getting the comp pick, etc). Just something to mull over.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many waiver claims went thru on Wednesday nite. And I’ve seen that many of you are using the FCFS window (now it’s a door!) to your advantage. Looks like everyone has the system figured out. If not check the post below this one.

Good luck in Week Two everyone!



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Mea Culpa

Well it appears that the first FCFS waiver session ended at Midnight Saturday night rather than extending until the beginning of the Sunday games. It cost one club a pickup I’m afraid.

This may or may not have been my error (likely it was) but I’ve fixed it now. Here is a handy-dandy graphic timeline of our new but simple waiver process.  Basically it’s a bid session and an open session with a ‘dead’ period in between.



Hopefully things will work as intended going forward. One note I haven’t explained…If there is one of those NFL-London games the involved players will be available until their kickoff which is usually early in the day. And I still will tweak the Thanksgiving week waivers. I just haven’t had a chance to think it through yet.

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Starting With A Bang

We are past a rather shaky draft night but with it behind us we can concentrate on the 2017 season. Hallelujah!

The year started well for the Flyers with Kareem Hunt of KC making his NFL debut and scoring 46 points. That’s good for an eighth place tie for regular season game starter points in league history.


There have been five guys to score 46 or more points as a Playoff game starter. That list is below. I didn’t have the time to check and see if the teams won or lost.


Remember that FCFS waivers are open until the Sunday kickoffs. I have reset everyone’s $$ totals to $300 and will do that again once the ‘pre-season’ pickups are done.

If you have been getting emails about players you had last season they should stop. I had a duplicate league running to experiment on with waiver setups. I’ve scheduled it to be deleted. Not everyone gets the daily player updates so if you don’t know wth I’m talking about don’t worry about it.

Good Luck to everyone this year. Stay active and stay alert! Everyone is still in the race.




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2017 here we come!

The 2017 Draft will be held ONLINE on Tuesday, September 5th. Time will be 7 p.m. Central. I hope that will work for everyone. I will have a draft list ready and will step up and draft for any owner that may have issues that evening. I hate to scrub the annual get-together but I thought that given the circumstances this was best way to go. I’d like to have some sort of gathering either during the season or as a postseason thing. I’m open to ideas. Maybe a Cougar Watch Party at a sports bar or something along those lines.
The other item I need to discuss is the waiver process for this year. It’s changing. Background: MyFantasyLeague redid the way commissioners were to configure the league waiver calendar. The story behind it is very involved but it comes from their idea of ‘improving’ the system. If you spend any time looking at the forum that MFL commish use for support you’d see that the general consensus has been that they f’ed up an easy system. I spend many hours being frustrated in trying to replicate the exact system we’ve had for the past decade or so. I finally gave up and am going to simplify things. Hopefully this will be easy to follow.WHAT you will be doing hasn’t changed….WHEN you do it will change.
We will still use Blind Bid Waivers and First Come First Served (or ‘Open’ waivers as I’ve always called it). But instead of two blind bidding periods (Mon-Wed & Thurs-Sat) we will go to one. And ‘Open’ waivers will have a much longer window.
You will be able to enter your blind bids beginning with the kickoff of the first Sunday game each week. The bids will process (as always) at 9 p.m. Central time on Wednesday night. So far so good. On Friday at 7 a.m. Central you will be allowed to claim any free agent for the flat $10 price. that’s the same thing we have been doing only on Saturday for the past decade at least. As usual you will NOT be able to claim a player and use his points after his game has begun. That just makes sense…you can’t grab a guy on Friday who played in the Thursday night game. And if there are Saturday games the same restriction applies. That’s all actually pretty easy. Here is the way it works every week with all listed times being CENTRAL:

Sunday noon to Wednesday 9 pm….blind bid on free agents. Player goes to highest bidder at 9 pm Wed.
Wednesday 9 pm to Friday 7 am …..Dead period, no bids/claims.
Friday 7 a.m. to Sunday noon Kickoff…..$10 open claims.

Cycle starts over.

Pretty simple I hope. If I screwed up the settings I will fix or adjust as needed. We will not change the 3/30/300 rules, i.e. three pickups a week max, 30 a year and a $300 budget to start.
That whole scheme will begin with the first kickoff on SUNDAY of Week 1.
As in years past the morning after the draft at 7 a.m. there will be an Open bidding period that will continue until the 1st Sunday kickoff. Those will show up as $10 claims but I will re-do everyone’s bankroll to $300 to start the year.
That seems pretty straightforward. At least I hope it is.
Please please please check the website before the draft. I don’t want to spend a half hour getting someone’s log in fixed.
I’m ready for questions if you have any (not you, Rick). Talk to you Tuesday
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Holes Cruise Past Bliz in HB 36, 116-89


In a game that was never in doubt the Adirondack Holes won their third EHFL crown with a resounding victory over the Boulder Blizzard in Hughes Bowl 37. Packer Jordy Nelson scored a team high 31 as Championship Week opened on Christmas Eve.

The Holes received major contributions from Nelson’s co-stars including Tom Brady (22 points), Odell Beckham (20) and kicker Justin Tucker (15). Even season-long disappointment Todd Gurley chipped in with a 17 point contribution.

After a season opening loss to the Giants the Holes gathered momentum and steamrolled thru the league. The went 13-1 from that opening stumble to their 2106 flag capture on Monday.

The win takes the sting out of last season’s HB loss to the Settlers and came easier than the club’s previous championship effort, an 89-80 win over the Bliz in 2011. Congrats to Jimmy O for the win and to Paz for his continued strong run in our league. This was his 3rd Hughes Bowl appearance in the last four seasons and fourth in the last six.

I’ll have more on the game in the coming days and more info on the NFL Playoff league. The prize for winning that will involve a nice perk for the 2017 season. Stay tuned.

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Ho Ho Ho!!


It’s Eddie returning for what is a randomly annual tradition…wishing all the Hughes owners a Murray Christmas!

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